The SAT is the second largest college preparatory standardized test in the country. It is accepted by colleges everywhere. The PSAT is a standardized test very similar to the SAT. It is not used for college admissions, but it is still very important. Scores from the PSAT are used to determine National Merit Finalists, an award that qualifies students for lucrative scholarships across the country. Magic City Test Prep is currently offering private instruction for the SAT and PSAT.

How it works

Private instruction is very flexible. Arrangments can be made to suit the needs of each individual student. If a student would like to prepare for the entire SAT test, we generally recommend twelve meetings with an instructor (twice a week for six weeks leading up to the test). If the student needs less help, he or she could do six meetings (once a week for six weeks). Students can also schedule a few meetings with an instructor to focus on one or two sections of the test. Because of the various needs of each student, we recommend contacting us and together we can develop a plan that will best suit your student.

What is included?

Private instruction for the SAT or PSAT includes:

  • Exclusive time with the instructor
  • Individualized coaching and feedback in preparation for the test
  • Multiple practice tests (in 12 sessions a student will complete 12 practice tests)


The cost for private instruction is $50 an hour.


If you have a friend or sibling interested in test prep, ask about our group tutoring discounts.

Also, if you will be a first-generation college student, be sure to ask about our first-generation college student discount!

*Please note that discounts cannot be combined.

Get Started

If you are interested in private instruction for the SAT or PSAT and would like to learn more, please contact us today. Let us know you are interested in SAT or PSAT instruction, and we will follow up with you as soon as we can!