“I am happy to recommend Luke for your test prep needs. During his time working for me, he served dozens of students with excellence and great care. His success in test prep was consistently demonstrated by the improvements his students made. Luke was a responsible, compassionate, and effective tutor. I’d encourage you to consider his services.” -Ron Michalak, President and Founder, Breakaway Test Prep, Minneapolis, MN

“I have known Luke both as a student and now as a teacher and tutor. He has been able to take the intelligence, passion, and work ethic he exhibited as a student and share that with those he works with today. Students naturally connect with Luke, and he is able to inspire and assist them in their pursuits. I happily brought Luke into my office to work with students, and he was one of the most effective and sought after tutors I have ever had. I would highly endorse him for all your test prep and tutoring needs.” -Jamie Dickenson, Owner and Founder, Jamie Dickenson, LLC, Charleston, WV

We are here to serve you, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Here are some testimonials from former clients about their experience working with us.

“Just got ACT back recently and thought I’d share my scores. Composite: 33, English: 36, Math: 31, Reading: 32, Science: 34. Above and beyond what we thought! Thank you so much for the help!” -John R., Student

“Hi Luke! I first took the ACT in October 2016 without any studying and got a 22. After taking your class and testing in April 2017 I improved to a 27! I can’t thank you enough!” -Sophia W., Student

“Great news…she improved her score by 5 points!! She scored 33 on both English and reading.” -Ann L., Parent

“Hi! We finally received her ACT score last week and she got a 32!! We are very happy she did so well and we certainly credit you with some of that success. Just thought you would want to know.” -Melissa T., Parent

“I want you to know her score increased 5 points.  She originally had a 26 and today she received documentation she scored a 31. I am a REALTOR and I will recommend your services to all of my co-workers and clients.” -Beth N., Parent

“Thank you for the help! Fortunately, I reached my goal of a 30 on the test [previously scored a 24]! Thanks!” -Caleb W., Student

“Hi Luke! I got my ACT scores back- a 30 composite and a 31 on both and English and reading. Science was a 28 and math was a 29. Thanks for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you!” -Jack T., Student

“Hi Luke. He got a 29! He really enjoyed working with you…if you are around in two years his sister will be calling you 🙂  We wish you a wonderful summer and much success! Thank You.” -Caroline B., Parent

“Hi Luke, for us was a pleasure to work with you, especially for my son Juan. He was so challenge to improve his ACT result in order to apply to schools out of state. Before he worked with you he was 4 points behind his goal and you help him to understand how this test works and he learn also good strategies to approach this challenge. Good practices test, specific and clear feedback, and good time management in order to get the most of each session. So, thanks for your help and we were so lucky to have the opportunity to work with you.” -Cristina C., Parent

“Thank you so much for your help and guidance over these weeks…We appreciate all you did with her, and I know she enjoyed her sessions with you.” -Melissa T., Parent

*All testimonials are from former clients of Luke Miller. Testimonials were sent either directly to Luke or his employer. At times, services were rendered in tandem with another tutor. Some personal names have been removed or changed to protect the privacy of former clients.